Saturday, 11 February 2012

1st Ever Slayers CP Event

I must confess that yesterday was a particularly productive and enjoyable occasion in the world of Mr Slayer. After months of planning, weeks of marketing and a couple of days doubting whether this was even viable, the inaugural Slayers FemDomme CP Event was run in Central London.

The venue, as ever, was excellent. Clean and spacious, with excellent service and attention from the staff with whom, through Bottoms Up , we have become very friendly. Not only did everyone on the guest list attend, they were all punctual. Although given the Slayers who were present, it may have been indvisable to be late!

It quickly became apparent that guests were at ease, and the opportunity to mingle with the Slayers before the event commenced was clearly welcome with laughter filling the room.

Each guest in turn had the opportunity to enjoy 15 minute 1-2-1 sessions with each Slayer. The range of roles and implements used, and the pitch and volume of the unmistakable impact and reaction sounds, was truly diverse. One outstanding moment was Miss Hunter's onslaught with a huge bathbrush and I, of course, was delighted that my own large wooden paddle from Vegas was gamely endured by one or two brave ( or demented ) souls.

Our finale featured Ms McLean and Miss Hunter publicly caning and tawsing each guest, one lady one each side. Our 1950's stlyed Ms McLean and 1960's styled Miss Hunter throughouly thrashed each gent present. As if they had not endured enough, each guest was subsequently called to heel for the same treatment by the sinsiter Dr Woods and our resident judicial officer Miss Reece, again one lady on each side.

So, many slain guests, many broken implements, many laughs, yells, yelps and moments that hopefully for everyone will be as valued and enduring as my own.

Thank you massively to our hosts, our guests and to the stars of the show; my Slayers!

Ms McLean our 1950s Mom
Miss Hunter our 1960s School Mistress
Dr Woods our Sadistic Doctor
Miss Reece our Judicial Punishment Officer

Love you all


PS And yes, events ( or more accurately the Slayers ) conspired such that I too found myself on the recieving end. Having not been touched all day, I was ordered over the stool for 24 strokes of the cane from Dr Woods and Miss Reece.

Moreover, I was order to face Dr Woods whilst holding out each hand for a simultaneous Hand Tawsing from Ms McLean and Miss Hunter. Of course, I could not show any reaction to Mrs Slayer as the leather landed on my upturned palms. That just would not be the Slayer way!

Check out for pics and updates

Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Power of Intention

The title of this post is a soundbyte used so frequently in relation to positive thought and attracting to you that which you value. If you believe it and envisage it you will get it.

I have no faith, never have had, likely never will. Our presence in the universe? Chance. The fall of the cards! We might argue that we are a product of evolution, or a vehicle for genetic propagation or even guided by some universal constant. No theory can be proved or disproved beyond reasonable doubt, or even upon the balance of probabilities.

I decided some years ago, after having completed the degree and the masters and worked in a well paid job at a young age that I just couldn't see any point in it. Work hard for a salary, maybe a bonus, a pat on the back from the MD and a gold watch on retirement.

All throughout this time I imagined what it would be like to explore my kink, and even further to become part of a group involved in the same thing. I even dared to imagine how it would be, in my own internal narrative *to pull a domme*. How would it be to have some commercial venture in this field? All daydreams of a mind underused and in danger of becoming stagnant.

Two years ago it happened in a reasonably similar sequence of events. I still work hard, but for myself as a freelancer. I have been lucky enough to have gained a group of friends with many of the characteristics of those in my daydreams. That's a hell of a hand of cards to fall on the table.

Next Friday, I have the first Slayers FemDomme CP Event. My own scene commercial venture, with 4 dommes who are very dear to me. I don't know how it will pan out. Will the guests enjoy it? Will it be what they expected? Will anyone even show? Will the dommes have fun? Will I cover costs, or have to work it off as a bouncer for the venue for a few nights?

The universe doesn't owe me a damn thing, any more than I ask anything from it, but even for a cynic I can't help but think back to those daydreams of what I thought could never be.

So, if you read to this part of the post without getting bored and reverting to something infinitely more interesting, do one thing for me. On your darkest day, dare to believe. Sometimes, it is as much as any of us can do!

Monday, 19 December 2011

A New Nemesis

Although I have enjoyed a great number of CP and associated scenes in the past 2 years, with varying degrees of extremity, it has generally involved only 2 dommes. The future Mrs Slayer, Leia Ann Woods, and my beloved Mistress Switch have formed the basis for most of what I have done and this will continue to be the case for as long as we all enjoy it. They have opened doors in my mind to parts of my psyche I thought could never be accessed.

Until a few months ago, I had no inclination to play with anyone else. That changed as I became closer to a friend of Mrs Slayer's who I have since developed a great relationship with. Whilst we immediately clicked on a personal level, and I warmed to her as soon as we met ( somewhat of a rarity for me ) , it was only later that it became apparent that we could interact spectacularly in a scene.

The lady is acutely perceptive and has already observed the weakness in Slayer's character; be nice to him and he can't cope. As such, the mind games have begun and she has already demonstrated adept skill at picking the buttons to push. This is due to come to blows shortly into the new year when this legend of the CP scene and I are due to be together. With the added ingredient of Mrs Slayer potentially being present for the clash, this is likely to push me psychologically in a whole new way.....

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

To Film or Not to Film?

Slayer on the Screen! It is something I have contemplated, but never acted upon. I had the opportunity to do so at Shadow Lane in Vegas this year, alongside Leia Ann Woods, for the legendary Clare Fonda. I declined because, at that time, I was inactive in the scene. The opportunity has arisen again, with a different company, and I am considering whether it is for me.

I guess the main driver is that it would be fun, and a memento that I would always have to remind me of how I reaped so much reward by taking a chance and booking that first ever session only 2 years ago. Perhaps I should call it a *further memento* as a future wife is clearly the ultimate reward for a chance email.

Also, as a male bottom character Slayer would be as unique in CP film as he is in session. It may be an entirely new spin on the F/m interaction. At the very least, it would be entertaining for the viewer!

My only concern is control! Once done, it can't be undone. I will be committed to film, and that film will belong to someone else. That permanence strikes me as a unique concept in my life. Memories fade. Revisionism warps events. Film, however, is undeniable as a record.

Moreover, I can't help but wonder if it is better to hold something back. I am a private person. I have a very small circle of close associates and, beyond them, I avoid all but the most superficial and necessary interactions in my personal life.

I could argue that the exposure is Slayer's, not mine, and that Slayer has always been a caraciture to present in the scene with me at the controls. However, there is still that absence of deniability if I decided to walk away from all of this. As it stands, I can do so leaving virtually no trace of my scene life and write it off as something I was once interested in. If filmed, that ability is negated.

In a convoluted way, I suppose I am of the opinon that film is the ultimate committment to the CP Scene. I'm just not sure that it is a committment I need to make......

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Bottom vs Sub

One of aspects of the CP world I was taught when I became involved in the scene was the specific jargon that prevails. It became apparent that my use of the term *sub* was inaccurate, and that I was a *bottom* more accurately. The difference? Once defers, one defies. I, most definitely, am the latter. Or am I?

The concept, for example, of my submitting BDSM-style to a PVC clad Dominatrix, addressing her as *Mistress*, kissing various parts of her anatomy upon instruction or letting her poke me with a sharp stick whilst confined in a cage is entirely alien to me. Equally, the notion of treating a lady as such or behaving in an especially misogynist manner as a male *top* ( as I have witnessed some do in the vicinity of friends of mine ) is not one that sits well with me.

My role has always been deeply rooted in resistance, defiance and the deliberate attraction of CP to prove that I will prevail. I don't conform, I don't quit, I don't tap and I sure as hell don't revert to submissive behaviour to win favour. And yet at times I wish I could. That I could accept my punishment, acknowledge my wrongdoing, defer to the will and judgement of Dr Woods or Ms Switch and allow them to dominate me.

In my last post I referred to Slayer's need for his teachers to salvage something in him. Does he want them to beat him ( literally and figuratively )? He needs to be taken right to the limit, and maybe beyond, so that he can let go. So that, momentarily, he is completely vulnerable and at the mercy of the two figures who care enough to try to save him and who he loves and trusts enough for it to be meaningful. Is this the behaviour of someone who is only a *bottom*, without submissive tendencies???

I suspect that there will be more to come in this respect in future scenes. Whether or not I can truly cross that threshold of submission remains to be seen. One thing, however, is for damn sure. If I can, it will be the most intense sensation to date and the domme(s) and I will have torn the house down, and me apart, to get there......

Monday, 28 November 2011

For a minute there, I lost myself......

This haunting Radiohead lyric, from one of my favourite songs, is apt given events at school on Friday.

My return scene, after 8 months in exile from group play, was fantastic. Those canings over the horse were amongst the most enjoyable I've had, as the classroom fell silent save for the alternate left and right cane strokes whistling and cracking. I did, however, manage to avoid the ultimate sanction; OTK spanking. It devastates me and is something I genuinely struggle with and have only consented to with Mrs Slayer ( Leia Ann Woods ) and my beloved Witch.

In fairness, it would never again have been as easy to return. The scene and venue are those closest to my heart, but I was concerned that the Slayer character had graduated and left forever for the big classroom in the sky. I was wrong!

Just like always, sat in the pub beforehand with my partner in crime the beautiful Jadie Reece, I was nervous. That's rare for me. In fact, it is unique to that venue and that scene. Even Judicial style scenes scarcely cause me to raise an eyebrow, but this place blows my mind. Why? Simple, it is my ultimate fantasy come true.

Everyone who sees Slayer in school asks about the character. His eyeballing the teachers, untidy uniform, bad language, defiance, one-liners and his contrasting top academic performance on a whim that is most frustrating of all. Yet beneath, the protective instinct and, ultimately, the love he has for his Headmistress and Deputy Head and his need for them to try to salvage something in him.

He is a reflection of me, and my personality, as a younger man in high school. The relationships a reflection of the complex interaction I had with a real teacher of my own. The only person then game enough, and able enough, to match me and for much of my life the only person I ever truly loved. So when I play that role, it straddles fantasy and reality. And when I am Slayer, if only for a few fleeting moments in time, I lose myself in that twilight zone between the two.....

I would like to sincerely thank all those who made this such an epic day. You know who you are ;)

Friday, 18 November 2011

Spanking in Music Video

Following on with the theme of Mainstream Spanking references, there are a number of examples of CP in rock/punk music videos.

Next week, I make my return to the CP scene with an afternoon group detention in what is widely accepted as the most authentic classroom around. The school character Slayer is the nightmare of the classroom. Perfectly capable of being a Straight A student he dedicates most of his energy to non-conformance. Brooding and menacing, he brings chaos to the classroom and generally ends up battered, bloodied but never broken.

The character is so close to my heart because he is me as I was in high school, but in an environment where there are CP consequences. There are others aspects of his character and interactions that are deeply ingrained in my psyche and I will address these in later posts.

For now, enjoy this video. It is fitting for the storm that's coming.....